"Bruce Piasecki redefines what winning looks like for all of us."GERALD BRESNICK, Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety and Social Responsibility, Hess "Bruce Piasecki has created a book about discovering and maintaining wealth that, in fact, redefines wealth itself to include much more than mere numbers in a bank account." JAY PARINI, bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M."Bruce Piasecki is one of the few thinkers really upping the ante for leaders in business and society."JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER, bestselling author of The Long Emergency and The Geography of Nowhere"Bruce Piasecki offers new grounds for hope in this century, as he elevates the roles of competition, innovation, and stewardship in our lives."BARBARA KASS, author and teacher"Bruce Piasecki's latest work artfully blends the practical with the profound. Piasecki teaches us now that frugality is not only a personal virtue but a dire necessity in a world filled with 7 billion souls."DEMETRI CHRISS, Senior Development OfficerNorth America, Anatolia College"Bruce Piasecki has a unique global perspective. He weaves powerful anecdotes and adroit business analysis to explain how our modern times work at its very core." EROL USER, President and CEO, User Corporation, Istanbul, Turkey"Piasecki is a prose master who inspires with information, persuasion, and delight, giving us informed glimpses of a poetry in our near future."HADASSAH BROSCOVA, founder and Editor in Chief of Carpe Articulum Journal and Foundation"This new book captures the humility and moral insights of Bruce Piasecki, whose life has been shaped by up-close encounters with an amazing range of governments and corporations." DAVID WILLIAM GIBBONS, broadcaster of In Discussion, syndicated worldwide at the Gateway Media Group"Read this book and grow." GORDON LAMBERT, Vice President of Sustainability, Suncor Energy

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