Along comes a book by a storyteller who holds the power, in true stories well told, to offer a motivating and healing balm for those thirsting and eager for somebody to remind them to ""say YES to life, slow down, wake up, let go, hold on and LIVE!"" As readers listen to Baumbich's stories, laugh and cry, and then revisit their own stories, they will discover the sovereign hand of God not only loving them in the midst of adversity but wooing them to live life to the full. Readers should fasten their seatbelts for this warm, fun, provocative, heartwarming ride. ""We are so busy running our lives that we are often not enjoying them, giving thanks for them, or realizing our joy and potential,"" Charlene says. ""But if you learn the lively and releasing art of listening to and mining your own stories, you'll learn that your life is, indeed, better than you think!

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