Following the success of Donts for Husbands and Donts for Wives a brand new old collection of advice: - from Birth to Weaning - the care of Young Children - Boyhood and Girlhood"Dont wash the baby in hot water, it would weaken and enervate the babe, and thus predispose him to disease. Luke warm rain water will be the best to wash him with.""Dont choose a wetnurse of a consumptive habit. Check if she or any ofher family have laboured under "kings evil" ascertaining if there beany seams or swellings about her neck""Dont rock an infant to sleep, it might cause him to fall into afeverish, disturbed slumber, but not into a refreshing, calm sleep.Besides, if you once take to that habit he will not go to sleep withoutit.""Dont add either gin or oil of peppermint to the babes food. It is a murderous practice""Dont purge an infant during teething or any other time. IF WE LOCK UPTHE BOWELS, WE CONFINE THE ENEMY, AND THUS PRODUCE MISCHIEF"

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