Double your Sales?' is not a typical beginners-level 'How To Sell' Guide. This new Guide is created exclusively to help competent sales professionals sharpen the edge required to consistently sell more, with certainty and less stress.We identify barriers to sales progress and offer some realistic solutions for breaking down the barriers involved in 'Getting To Yes!'Any intelligent sales person seeking ways to double their sales will recognize the goal will not be achieved through the doubling of their efforts. For any sales professional to be in a position to double their sales will indicate that they are already working hard and so the opportunity to work even harder is not a practical option.Before we can address the myriad of issues involved in the possibilities for helping sales professionals to double their sales, we must have a focus on what is preventing most sales people from achieving any meaningful and sustainable performance improvements today.The benefits of doubling sales volumes appear on the surface to be obvious but we discovered that the evidence suggests that even highly skilled sales and apparently well motivated people, make no attempt to substantially improve their personal sales performance.Their real success will come through the understanding and acceptance of the requirement to change their thinking because success at this elite level will only come through intelligent thought, in finding ways of working 'smarter' and not 'harder'.The 'smarter' working strategies must be combined with selling to more and better prospects, utilizing better selling processes, all combined within a framework of substantially improved personal work disciplines and sales skills performances.We can make no promises to double your sales, that must be up to you. We highlight the paths to success and seek to stimulate your thinking and attitudes as you take your own paths to new levels of your personal success.

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