Here, from the nations most renowned beach expert, is the first complete guide to beach safety. Stephen P. Leatherman (a.k.a. Dr. Beach) introduces the gamut of beach hazardsfrom sharks to rip currents to jellyfishrevealing which dangers should be of greatest concern and how best to minimize their risks. His scientifically sound advice, interspersed with fascinating facts and anecdotes, makes this book a perfect reference for the millions of travelers and vacationers who visit the ocean shore every year.Practical answers to these intriguing questions and more: Which U.S. beach records the most shark attacks each year? Which species of shark is the most dangerous to people? Why are rip currents the most deadly beach threat? How can rips be avoided? What should you do if caught in a rip? Can lightning strikes at the beach be predicted? Is a stingray dangerous? When is ocean water pollution likely to be worst? What types of waves are threatening and how can they be detected? What is the danger of a red tide? How can swimmers avoid contact with jellyfish?

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