Dr Darwin's Waterloo Pigeon is an incredible and thought-provoking tale concerning the life of Doctor Robert Darwin, father of the world's most famous naturalist Charles Darwin. When Doctor Robert Darwin arrived in the town of Shrews-bury in 1786 he did so with AGBP20 in his possession, a gift from his father a pound (AGBP1.00) for every year of his life. When Darwin died his declared wealth was put at AGBP300,000 - but his personal fortune was estimated to be considerably higher and local author Henry Quinn now offers a unique insight into how the doctor could have amassed such wealth. For many years it was assumed Darwin's affluence came from his marriage to Susannah Wedgwood, eldest daughter of pottery tycoon Josiah Wedgwood, one of the richest men in England. However Shrewsbury folklore always hinted at darker origins for Doctor Darwin's riches including money-lending, clandestine trading and sharp practice, but the biggest, most lucrative and illicit venture has remained a secret, until now. In collusion with some of the most powerful men of the era, Darwin and his cohorts exploit the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo with great aplomb allowing them to land a spectacular windfall, all thanks to The Waterloo Pigeon.

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