'The most captivating childrens book Ive seen so far this year,' Amanda Craig, The Times Ping is a slave in a little-used royal palace on the edge of the Emperors kingdom. Her tyrannic master is a cruel drunk who neglects his duties as Imperial Dragonkeeper and under his watch the Emperors dragons have dwindled from a magnificent dozen to a miserable two. When one dragon dies, only the ancient and wise Long Danzi remains. His fate seems sealed until Ping comes to his rescue in a moment of startling bravery that reveals her destiny as a Dragonkeeper. Pursued by the Emperors forces and an evil dragon hunter, Ping, Danzi, and a rat called Hua, set off on a remarkable journey across the kingdom. Bound for the Ocean, they carry a mesmerising, beautiful dragon stone that must be protected at any cost. Surviving dangers of all kinds a shape-shifting necromancer, and a ritual sacrifice among them the trio finally arrive at Ocean, Danzis final place of rest. But as her dragon-friend leaves Ping forever, the dragon stone reveals its spectacular secret

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