Have you ever wondered if you were someone else in a previous lifetime and wished you could tap into that former life? Such is not the case for Max Skyler, an eighteen-year-old college freshman who finds himself besieged by recurring karmic dreams. Max's father, a professor, runs a paranormal dream lab at Max's college. Since the recent death of Max's mother, his father has been pressuring Max, a descendent of potent Cherokee dreamers, to delve deeper into his dreams. Max has already elevated himself to a whole new level of dreaming, but he doesn't want it to go any further. Max's recurring dreams of a Cherokee teenager from three hundred years ago progressively invade his everyday life, eventually involving his friends, as well. Max's closest friend, Amber, is researching local ecosystems to find out why all the vegetation in town is dying. When the clues lead to her botany professor, Max's father helps Amber, Max, and their best friends, Wayne and Brooke, use their dream powers to launch a paranormal investigation. Soon, realities collide, threatening not only all that the teenagers cherish, but also their very lives.

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