The Drifter Charlie Templeton is an adventure journalist; he's crossed every continent, climbed the highest mountains...and dated some of the hottest women. But now he's going home, back to the woman he loved, the woman he left. And Eve Keller had better be ready for him. Eve's ready; she's tried settling down. Now she wants to experience everything - travel, adventure...great sex. And everybody knows the best adventures start in the bedroom... Take Me If You Dare For Mariska Stonegate, the gorgeous guy she's now met is everything she's looking for in a man - hot, hot! Just because every pore of his body screams danger and sex doesn't mean she's getting herself into trouble... But her sensual stranger is a burned CIA agent on the run and he'll do just about anything to stay alive...including seducing Mariska one steamy night at a time!

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