This extensively illustrated all-color book traces the evolution of the car engine from the first crude efforts of the late 19th Century pioneers through to the cutting-edge technology of today. From 'wick' carburetors to common-rail diesel injection, from 'atmospheric' valves to variable valve timing, the clearly written text explores each decade of development, describing the significant milestones and illustrating them with examples of appropriate ground-breaking 'classic' engines. This book will appeal to car owners and enthusiasts keen to learn more about how and why engines have evolved into today's highly sophisticated units. Includes: Comprehensive, illustrated descriptions of engines in layperson's terms; History of the first pioneering single-cylinder car engines, developed from gas-powered stationary engines; Development of multi-cylinder engines and carburetors; How advances in fuels, materials and lubricants, and the advent of mass-production techniques, influenced engine...

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