The English language second edition of Dynamic Analysis of Weather and Climate is based on the updated French second edition text and illustrations of La Dynamique du Temps et du Climat (2000). The text is expanded through the incorporation of some material from Marcel Lerouxs Global Warming: Myth Or Reality (2005) together with new material covering recent events, including the UK inundations 2007, the German inundations 2008, illustrations and bibliographical important updates such as IPCC AR4 2007 and references up to 2008.This second edition will therefore be the most up to date, complete synthesis of the late authors research and understanding of weather and climate, as explained to a graduate student or engineer school level audience. The organization of the book makes it clear and logical to follow. New illustrations and satellite images provide the reader with a better understanding of the concepts. The new material demonstrates the relevance of the authors research in relation with new reports and meteorological events which now appear to be the best validation of the late authors thesis.

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