A material continuum moving axially at high speed can be met in numerous different technical applications. These comprise band saws, web papers during manufacturing, processing and printing processes, textile bands during manufacturing and processing, pipes transporting fluids, transmission belts as well as flat objects moving at high speeds in space. In all these so varied technical applications, the maximum transport speed or the transportation speed is aimed at in order to increase efficiency and optimize investment and performance costs of sometimes very expensive and complex machines and installations. The dynamic behavior of axially moving systems very often hinders from reaching these aims. The book is devoted to dynamics of axially moving material objects of low flexural stiffness that are referred to as webs. Webs are moving at high speed, for example, in paper production the paper webs are transported with longitudinal speeds of up to 3000 m/min. Above the critical speed one can expect various dynamical instabilities mainly of divergent and flutter type. The up-to-date state of investigations conducted in the field of the axially moving system dynamics is presented in the beginning of the book. Special attention is paid on nonlinear dynamic investigations of translating systems. In the next chapters various mathematical models that can be employed in dynamic investigations of such objects and the results of analysis of the dynamic behavior of the axially moving orthotropic material web are presented. To make tracing the dynamic considerations easier, a paper web is the main object of investigations in the book.

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