Earth Surface Processes is an introductory text for those studying the dynamics of fluid and sediment transport in the environments, in the context of both present-day patterns as well as the environmental changes decipherable in the geological record. The book is divided into two parts. The first deals with the global-scale aspects of the earth's surface system. The second part focuses on the physical underpinnings for fluid and sediment transport in a number of settings, found at the earth's surface and in its oceans. Earth Surface Processes fits into the literature of the broad holistic discipline of 'Earth System Science.' The author illustrates the physical principles of earth's surface processes and explains the relevant theories by quantitative practical exercises.The pioneering textbook on the "new sedimentology"One of the first textbooks to adopt the Earth Systems approach to geology, developed at Penn State and StanfordShould reinvigorate more traditional courses in physical sedimentology and dynamical sedimentologySuccessfully marries the innovative holistic approach to Earth Systems with the traditional reductionist approach to sedimentary processesExplains both the global-scale Earth Surface System and the fluid dynamics and sedimentary transport processes that underlie thisQuantitative approach is reinforced with worked examples and solutionsRichly illustrated with original diagrams and a colour plate section

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