Originally published in 1940, this '.is the first detailed study and appraisal of the relations between the Court of Directors and the Board of Control during the fifty formative years after Pitt set up this government office to direct and control the Company's Indian administration. it was an extremely intricate system of dual government with checks and balances and interlocking factions and interests.' Contents Include: The East India House, 1784-1834 The Opposition of the Indian Interest, 1784-88 The Ascendancy of Dundas, 1788 94 The Revolt of the Shipping Interest 1794-1802 The Triumph of the Shipping Interest, 1802-06 The India House Divided Against Itself, 1806-12 Buckinghamshire Versus The India House, 1812-16 Canning's East India Policy, 1816-22 The Failure of the Private Trade Interest, 1822-30 The Company's Surrender, 1830-34 Concluding Remarks

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