Do you think that you or someone you love may suffer from and eating disorder? Eating Disorders For Dummies gives you the straight facts you need to make sense of whats happening inside you and offers a simple step-by-step procedure for developing a safe and health plan for recovery.This practical, reassuring, and gentle guide explains anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder in plain English, as well as other disorders such as bigorexia and compulsive exercising. Informative checklists help you determine whether you are suffering form an eating disorder and, if so, what impact the disorder is having or may soon have on your health. Youll also get plenty of help in finding the right therapist, evaluating the latest treatments, and learning how to support recovery on a day-by-day basis. Discover how to:Identify eating disorder warning signsSet yourself on a sound and successful path to recoveryRecognize companion disorders and addictionsHandle anxiety and emotional eatingSurvive setbacksApproach someone about getting treatmentTreat eating disorders in men, children, and the elderlyHelp a sibling, friend, or partner with and eating disorderBenefit from recovery in ways you never imaginedComplete with helpful lists of recovery dos and donts, Eating Disorders For Dummies is an immensely important resource for anyone who wants to recover or help a loved one recover from one of these disabling conditions and regain a healthy and energetic life.

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