The term “economic globalization” has been discussed extensively in the popular press, by business executives and by policy-makers all over the world. While academic economists have made some excellent contributions to specific, technical aspects of economic globalization, there appears to be a need for economists to discuss the broader aspects of the issue in a more accessible manner. Failing this, the general debate will be informed only by the writings of non-economists.That is the motivation for this book, which is a collection of essays on various aspects of economic globalization in general, but with specific reference to Asia.Contents:Economic Globalization: Finance, Trade and Taxation:Economic Globalization and Small and Open Economies: Finance, Trade and TaxationInternational Monetary and Financial Issues in East Asia:International Capital Flows and Regional Contagion: Boom and Bust in East Asia in the 1990sLiquidity-Enhancing Measures and Monetary Cooperation in East Asia: Rationale and ProgressChoosing the Right Exchange Rate Regime for Small and Open Economies in East AsiaInternational Trade Issues in Asia:The Nexus Between Trade Liberalization and Poverty in AsiaIndia's Decade-Long Trade Reforms: How Does It Compare with Its East Asian Neighbours? (with Rahul Sen)Singapore's Drive to Form Cross-Regional Trade Pacts: Rationale and Implications (with Rahul Sen)International Trade in Infrastructural Services in East Asia: Telecommunications and FinanceInternational Tax Issues in Asia:Economic Globalization and Taxation: With Particular Reference to Southeast Asia (with Mukul Asher)Readership: Policy-makers, businessmen, professionals and others with an interest in international economic affairs and international economic policy.

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