The widespread use of internet and the associated emergence of e-commerce will increasingly changed our lives and the economy. Just like in e-commerce, in the division of labour in the economy, transaction costs and networking effects also play important roles. The optimal tradeoff between the economies of specialization through the network of division of labour and the transaction costs of the required exchanges is a central aspect of the Yang-Ng framework of inframarginal analysis of the network of division of labour and the associated economic organization and its evolution. This framework has been recommended by Professor James Buchanan (Nobel Laureate in Economics) as the most important analysis in economics in the world today. This volume selects papers (with revision after a refereeing process), from the international conference on 'The Economics of e-Commerce and Networking Decisions' at Monash University on 6-7 July 2001, using the new framework to analyse e-commerce and other networking decisions especially the division of labour.

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