You thought Big Brother and Survivor were tough?WELCOME, SENSATION SEEKERS, TO KNIFE EDGE -the reality TV show where wannabe knife fighters are the celebrities in a nation going to hell.In a Britain on the edge of collapse, The ultimate response to knife crime has been instituted by a bankrupt government: duelling with knives has now been legalized.On Saturday nights, the nation sits down to watch the country's best amateur fighters slash it out on prime time. The streets are red with blood. The skies are black with polluted horror. High walls have been built around Britain and endless winter is coming.When a young boy with hoplophobia (the fear of weaponry) runs away from home, his father hiresex-Special Forces agent Josh Cumberland to find him. With the help of the boy's psychiatrist,Cumberland delves into the dark underbelly of the knife culture that has infected his country, but what he finds will shock him to his soul.File Under: Science Fiction [ Devastated Britain Legalised Duelling Corporate Atrocity Save the Children ]

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