This book recognizes that correctly done FMEAs are essential to achieving high quality and reliability in products and processes, and are the central core of Design for Six Sigma, Design for Reliability and other Quality and Reliability programs. The Objective of the book is to define the correct procedure for doing FMEAs and to outline specifically how to successfully apply the FMEA procedure in design, development, manufacturing, and service applications.  The book will also share the most common mistakes in doing FMEAs and how to turn these into quality objectives, as well as how to implement effective FMEA processes in companies. It is  a practical book showing both the practitioner and manager the key elements of successful FMea systems. It is based upon the author's extensive experience with thousands of FMEAs, and a many dozen of companies. The reader will understand how to do FMEA correctly, and how to implement effective FMEA programs.

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