I'm bored. The thing about being in charge is that you don't really have to do anything. Sure, you can fill your days with meetings, where your subordinates brief you on things and try to look good (but for what - so you can pay them more?); or you meet clients and shake their hands and mouth platitudes to convince them that their business is important to the bonus pool, I mean, the firm; or hold morale-boosting 'town hall' meetings where you patronise junior employees by reading out 'key corporate messages' prepared by the worker bees in HR - 'one dream, one team, one firm' - or some such twaddle. It would all seem so futile, if it wasn't for the millions of pounds I get paid for doing it.' Dave Hart is an investment banker. Since his success at Grossbank, he's the closest thing you can get to a banking rockstar. But the deals, the women and the drugs don't work anymore. Dave needs a new challenge. The third instalment of David Charters' hilarious series of satires set in the heart of the City, The Ego Has Landed sees Dave take on the world, one deal at a time.

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