This authoritative review brings scientists up-to-date with the exciting recent developments in modern electric field applications and highlights their benefits compared with other methods. In Part 1 the book opens with a complete account ofelectrochromatography - a state-of-the-art technique that combines chromatography and electrophoresis. It reveals how you can achieve first-class separations in numerous analytical and biochemical applications. Part 2 focuses on the unique characteristics of electroprocesses in industry, and several examples, such as electroosmotic dewatering, new electro-rheological fluid technologies and demulsification processes in the car and oil industries, are given. The role of the electric field in chemical processes is discussed in Part 3. The chapters explore its use in concentration processes, immunoassay and molecular orientation methods, and important examples are presented in each case. This book is essential reading for analytical chemists, applied chemists and chemical engineers working in research and development wishing to keep up with this dynamic field.

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