Percutaneous absorption is the development of transdermal drug delivery patches, as well as the treatment of skin disorders. The skin permeability of most drugs is low, but can be enhanced by several mechanisms including electric force.This volume provides coverage of assisted transdermal and topical delivery by the mechanisms of iontophoresis, electroosmosis and electroporation. It starts by introducing the terminology and outlines the historical background. A foundation of the theoretical concepts and mechanisms of iontophoresis and electroporation has been presented, followed by tips on the design of experimental systems for research in this area. Other topics discussed are human and clinical studies with iontophoresis; delivery of peptides, Proteins And Oligonucleotides; Combined Use Of Iontophoresis And electroporation for gene therapy; iontophoretic delivery of insulin for diabetes; and the current status of the commercial development on an iontophoretic patch.This book provides a wealth of theoretical and practical information not easily found in any other single source.

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