Bell anchored the logic chain begun by Einstein, Rosen, and Podolsky and tested by Aspect et al., showing that entangled electrons are nonlocal. Feynman showed that free electrons are nonlocal in that they travel between any two points using all possible paths. The authors postulate nonlocality of eigenstate electrons and find quantum theory arises from classical electromagnetic field theory. Source fields for photons are detailed.This volume:• Successfully bridges electromagnetism and quantum theory, detailing their common origin,• Significantly reduces the postulatory base of quantum mechanics,• Is particularly useful for photonics scientists seeking to understand properties of light, and• Provides a complete electromagnetic description of photons and the Ritz photonic power-frequency rules.It is a valuable reference for all physics graduate students and professionals interested in the fundamentals of their science, and for all electrical engineering graduate students and professionals interested in antennas.

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