The ultimate introduction to the life and works of the KingWant to understand Elvis Presley? This friendly guide covers all phases of Elvis's career, from his musical influences as a teenager in Memphis and his first recordings to his days at Graceland and the mystery surrounding his death. You'll discover little-known details about his life, appreciate his contributions to music and film, and understand why his work still resonates with so many people today.Explore Elvis's musical roots see how Elvis's childhood and his Southern background influenced the development of his soundTrace the beginnings of his storied career be there as Elvis makes his first recordings for Sun RecordsRelive the magic experience the frenzy and excitement that surrounded Elvis's entrance to the national music sceneTake a fresh look at Elvis's films understand the misconceptions surrounding Elvis's Hollywood careerWatch as Elvis reinvents himself witness his comeback to live performances, culminating with an historic act in Las VegasOpen the book and find:The significance of the major events in Elvis's careerMeanings behind Elvis's musicThe controversy over his musical performing style Career highlights that no other performer has accomplishedA typical Elvis concert what it was like and what it meant Details on Elvis's television appearances The many ways fans keep Elvis's memory aliveAn appendix of the important people in Elvis's life

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