Maximize Your Emergency Medicine Oral Board Score!Emergency Medicine Oral Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom: Fifth Edition is your most effective weapon in preparing for the emergency medicine oral board exam.800+ rapid-fire questions cover all topics on the emergency medicine oral boardsExtensive outline review of must-know topics48 high-yield test cases with Q&AsPowered with performance-improving pearls and other potent learning aidsINTENSE--TARGETED--EXAM-FOCUSEDThis rapid, effective review ensures your best possible performance on the oral board exam in the shortest possible study time. There is no easier or faster way to guarantee that you perform your best on exam day!BULL'S-EYE HITS on emergency medicine oral board exam topics--the meaningful and the frequently tested48 CASES WITH RELATED Q&As--hone in on what examiners are likely to askCONVENIENT OUTLINE REVIEW--study must-know oral board content in logical sequenceTOOLS TO IMPRINT YOUR MEMORY--pearls, drills, mnemonics, visual imagery, even humor, and other tested learning aidsRAPID RESULTS--rapid-fire, to-the-point cases and Q&As quickly embed the facts you need to know and enhance quick recallNO CONFUSING WRONG ANSWERS to clutter your memory

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