The delayed onset of maturity from adolescence to adulthood is gaining the considerable attention of scholars, not to mention that of the parents and the young adults themselves. The chapters in this volume examine the experiences of numerous individuals in their 20s and early 30s as well as parents and employers the end result of which is a finely nuanced, research-based portrait of todays aging adolescents and the increasingly high hurdles they must jump to reach full-fledged adulthood. The chapters of Emerging and Young Adulthood: Multiple Perspectives, Diverse Narratives: Feature scores of narratives told by research subjects in their own words; Represent a broad racial and ethnic cross-section of subjects; Include the experiences of working class individuals, a population that has been ignored in previous studies; Pinpoint specific clinical issues relating to this generations behavioral patterns; Challenge much of the conventional wisdom about emerging and young adults. This volume reaches beyond facile Gen X and quarterlife crisis constructs to reveal the many diverse voices of young adults their attitudes toward life, work, relationships, peers, and identities and incorporates the diverse perspectives of parents and employers. It is a must-have resource for developmental, school, and counseling psychologists and therapists as well as for researchers and graduate-level students.

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