The speed of change is increasing and and the influence on the global economy and world population is more pronounced than ever. The "old manufacturing base" in the northern and western hemisphere is moving towards the eastern and southern parts of the globe. New technologies move from one country to the next within months. New Asian companies are emerging with global ambitions as old western brands dissappear or are overtaken by Asian competitors. How will the "old world" respond? How will Asian economies act? How will China continue to develop? What will define success and failure in this rapidly changing environment? Seventeen Euro Asia experts present conceptual and empirical regional research that reflects the emerging multiplicity in Asia and offers comprehensive answers to such questions. This book is a must for anyone participating in the global realignment, or trying to understand the effects being driven by Asian countries.The Palgrave Macmillan Asian Business Series seeks to publish theoretical and empirical studies that contribute forward-looking social perspectives on the study of management issues not just in Asia, but by implication elsewhere. The series specifically aims at the development of new frontiers in the scope, themes and methods of business and management studies in Asia, a region which is seen as key to studies of modern management, organisation, strategies, human resources and technologies. The series invites practitioners, policy-makers and academic researchers to join us at the cutting edge of constructive perspectives on Asian management, seeking to contribute towards the development of civil societies in Asia and further afield.

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