Containing new research on the contribution of the press to Victorian public life and the public sphere, this exciting new collection focuses on the unique characteristic of the Victorian press and its development of encounters between and among readers, editors and authors. At a time when journalism rivalled Parliament in the power it wielded, its scope seemed ever expanding and its future parallel with other forms of print culture and other professions. It was the heyday of the periodical, and in this heady time readers, editors and writer-journalists vigorously debated diverse questions of the day. These included regional and national politics, literature and visual culture, imperialism, gender issues, class and media power. The contributors to this volume and their varied approaches to the press reflect the diversity of their contexts and disciplines. From daily newspapers to the Yellow Book, Welsh water to imperial administration, the marriage question to gay brothels, these encounters highlight the wide range and compelling interest in Victorian forms of public debate. Encounters in the Victorian Press will appeal to readers of history, politics, art history, literature, the history of the book, media history, gender studies and print culture.

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