This encyclopedia provides an overview of the evolution of foods and cooking styles, food storage, utensils and equipment from prehistory to the present day. The Encyclopedia of Kitchen History is a two-volume work that offers a complete A-to-Z overview of approximately 400 topics. Ranging from important authors like Isabella Beeton and Charles Elme Francatelli and inventors such as Alfred Fuller and Nils Dalen, to baking, convenience foods, vermin, Roman cookery, Bakelite, ramadas, dumas and the genetic modification of food, entries examine the evolution of food, cooking styles, food storage and equipment. As complements to the basic text, the Encyclopedia also includes detailed guides (such as types of faience and enamelling and lists of dyestuffs and herbs), generous cross-references, comprehensive lists of source material, a timeline of seminal events in domestic history and references to related authors and their works. The Encyclopedia's thorough index provides the reader with quick accessibility to a wealth of information describing the people, recipes, inventions, processes and foodstuffs that have shaped culinary history from the discovery of fire to present-day innovations.

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