With the recent surge of interest within the world of endocrine surgery, both in the US and worldwide, and resultant significant changes in the way this surgery is performed, Endocrine Surgery: Principles and Practice caters for those entering this field. The book provides the reader with extensive knowledge and advice on all aspects of the topic, presenting a broad yet concise coverage of endocrine surgery, making this a must-read for residents, specialist registrars in training and for surgeons looking for an up-to-date synopsis of endocrine surgery. The book is split into six sections covering Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Carcinoid and Familial Endocrine conditions. Chapters include such topics as Thyrotoxicosis and Thyroiditis, Management of the Laryngeal Nerves and Voice, Focused Parathyroidectomy and Gastrinoma. Like all of the volumes found in the Springer Specialist Surgical Series Endocrine Surgery: Principles and Practice fills the gap between short vademecum synopses and main reference textbooks of endocrine surgery. Each chapter provides summary sections and self-assessment questions. Written in a concise and readable style, with liberal inclusion of bullet points, lists and tables, highlighting best practice, and adding self-assessment material at the end of each section, this text is affordable and user-friendly, being a comfortable size for residents and fellows to carry around and be readily available for reference and personal study being a valuable tool for those revising for board examinations and fellowship examinations. Endocrine Surgery: Principles and Practice is compiled by expert authors from the USA, Europe and Asia, providing an international perspective on the basic knowledge and clinical management required for the optimal care of patients.

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