Energy-Aware Memory Management for Embedded Multimedia Systems: A Computer-Aided Design Approach presents recent computer-aided design (CAD) ideas that address memory management tasks, particularly the optimization of energy consumption in the memory subsystem. It explains how to efficiently implement CAD solutions, including theoretical methods and novel algorithms. The book covers various energy-aware design techniques, including data-dependence analysis techniques, memory size estimation methods, extensions of mapping approaches, and memory banking approaches. It shows how these techniques are used to evaluate the data storage of an application, reduce dynamic and static energy consumption, design energy-efficient address generation units, and much more.Providing an algebraic framework for memory management tasks, this book illustrates how to optimize energy consumption in memory subsystems using CAD solutions. The algorithmic style of the text should help electronic design automation (EDA) researchers and tool developers create prototype software tools for system-level exploration, with the goal to ultimately obtain an optimized architectural solution of the memory subsystem.

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