Engines that Move Markets: Technology Investing from Railroads to the Internet and Beyond


"An intriguing study of the psychology and market dynamics underlying technology-based stock market manias." ?Barry Riley, Financial Times "Engines That Move Markets is an insightful study into the history of technology and the lessons it has taught us. This book reveals in detail how technology has changed our economy, our markets, our society and the world we live in. Sandy Nairn has combined his talents as a scholar, analyst and investor to guide us through the past and help us understand where the future has yet to lead us." ?Thomas L. Hansberger, CFA, President & CEO Hansberger Global Investors, Inc. FIND THE MOST LUCRATIVE MARKETS OF THE FUTURE BY LOOKING TO THE PAST Some of the biggest technologicalinnovations in the world have followed similar market and social patterns?skepticism is replaced by enthusiasm; venture capital is supplied; many companies are started and their stocks rise. But as the technology is developed and...

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