Get a grip on English GRAMMAR! Interested in mastering the rules of the English language but don't know a comma from a semicolon? No need to worry! English Grammar Demystified will help you shape up your language skills so that you understand this tricky subject better and communicate more clearly anytime you need to express yourself in words or on paper--whether in e-mails, conversations, schoolwork, or work documents. Beginning with an easy-to-understand review of the parts of speech, punctuation and capitalization rules, and verb forms, this book outlines the key grammar rules of the English language. As the book progresses, you'll build on your newly polished grammar skills to master proper sentence structure, build balanced and well-connected sentences, and write with style and clarity. You'll learn key spelling rules and proven techniques to improve spelling and receive smart advice on using words correctly. Throughout the book you'll see real-life...

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