Your one-stop guide to mastering the basics of English Can one book have all you need to communicate confidently in English? Yes, and that book is English Verbs & Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners. It offers a solid foundation of major verb and grammar concepts of the language, from reflexive verbs to phrasal verbs and from pronouns to punctuation. Each unit covers one topic, so you can immediately find what you need and receive focused instruction. Written with you-the ESL learner-in mind, the explanations are supported by lots of examples to help you master the different concepts. In addition, two useful appendices are included to help you conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the various tenses. English Verbs & Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners offers: An excellent introduction to the basics of English if you are a beginner, or a quick, thorough reference if you already have experience in the language ...

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