Environmental Simulation Chambers: Application to Atmospheric Chemical Processes


The book gives in the first instance descriptions of different types of so-called environment chambers or photoreactors used mainly for the simulation and/or investigation of important chemical processes occurring in the atmosphere. The types of reactor described include outdoor and indoor chambers, temperature regulated chambers and glass and Teflon foil chambers The practical use of chambers is demonstrated in contributions by leading scientists in the field of atmospheric chemistry using, in many cases, current results. The types of atmospherically relevant investigations described include the measurement of reactivities, the measurement of radicals, the measurement of photolysis frequencies and products, kinetic and product studies on the oxidation of different types of hydrocarbons by important oxidant species (OH, N03, 03), formation of secondary organic aerosol from hydrocarbon oxidation etc. A special section includes contributions from eastern European countries which highlight some of the environmental research being performed in these countries. An abridged version of a specially commissioned review by the JRC Ispra on the status of environmental research in eastern European countries is also included in this section.

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