THE BLACK VELVET BAND by Vav Garnek Back in the 'Old Country' to trace their roots, Americans Earle and Lorreli are in for a proper Irish welcome when they see The Black Velvet Band perform. With a rather large bulge at his crotch and a fiddle under his chin, William plays the perfect host with his jigs and reels! PARTY PIECE by P. J. Rosier The garden party was proving to be the particularly wearisome event he had predicted. That was until a young thirty-something looked suggestively at the sausage on-a-stick from which he was about to take a bite. Dressed in a virginal flowery summer dress, surely she wasn't trying to seduce him . . . was she? ON IMPULSE by Brian Powell Whipping out your penis and masturbating furiously in the boss's study at his posh party probably isn't the best career move a young medic could make. And secretly watching the boss's wife get a good seeing to by a prominent judge could make things very awkward too . . . but things get even more cringe-worthy for poor, young Michael before the day is out. 'PUCKED' by Erin O'Riordan A little bit of culture is no bad thing, and a truer word could not be said as far as Jena is concerned. Backstage after watching a performance of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck reveals what very naughty fairies really get up to.

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