The Errors of Atheism is a response to the glaring gap that exists in analytical philosophy on the concept of God. While there is the large body of work which either defends or challenges orthodox Christian theistic arguments, there is a lack of analytical philosophical work articulating agnosticism as a critique of both theism and atheism. Corlett argues that the conceptual depths of theism must be explored beyond orthodoxy in order to re-open the debate on the problem of God. The Errors of Atheism is not precommitted to a doctrine of either scientism or orthodox Christian theism. Instead, it investigates the problem of God in terms that do not favor either empirical analysis or appeals to revelation. Corlett argues that it is premature to espouse atheism since it has defeated only those theisms that are most vulnerable to philosophical objections. His book is an agnostics statement on the current state of the debate about Gods existence, and where the discussion must go to make genuine philosophical progress instead of remaining in a dialectical stalemate.

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