The first time I drank myself into a coma I was 13 years old (1981). I set foot in alcohol hell and spent 20 years wandering aimlessly around.At the beginning, the illusion that alcohol created was so strong that I simply felt great, funny, carefree and confident when I was under the influence. However, it was only an illusion and before I knew it, I was al-ready an alcoholic. I witnessed how alcohol killed some of my dear friends in the most brutal manner, but I did not realise that I was in the same danger.Alcohol had caused me a lot of pain, both physically and mentally, yet I could no longer imagine living without it. I wanted to leave alcohol hell on so many occasions, but alcohol always dragged me back there.As I once again tried to escape, I encountered a group of people. They offered me their companionship and protection.They explained the goal of this path, but nobody could convey to me how it would feel.However, once my mental health was restored, I was also free from the drug alcohol.That is why I can now return to alcohol hell to get you out, accompany you and protect you on your way to freedom.

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