Bits of wisdom, advice, and must-have information every woman needs for life.With an ever-widening world and many seasons of influence, women need insight for the countless areas and ways they are called upon to be wise. The five fun sections of The Essential Five are Popular and Pursued, Classy and Fabulous, Domestic Goddess, Fetching and Fit, and Does It All.Lists include:Ways to Make Sure You Don't Ruin a First DateStrategies for Surviving Awkward Business FunctionsWays to Make Your House Look Clean...FastSpas Worth Traveling Around the World ForSecrets for Eating Out When You're On a DietAnnual Appointments You Should Make...and KeepWays to Stay Motivated at the GymSteps of CPRLegal Documents You Should Have...Just in CaseBody Language Signals You Don't Want to Send (or Maybe You Do!)

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