Distilling the available knowledge on ethanol-induced liver damage and directly complementing the available bio-medical literature, Ethanol and the Liver covers pathogenic and clinical aspects of alcoholic liver disease. Providing broader coverage of the subject than any available monograph, the editors and their panel of experts relate basic science to pathogenesis and treatment modalities and explore future developments. Coverage includes:Histopathology-fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosisEthanol metabolism and its consequencesMechanisms in the pathogenesis of ALD, including genetics, immunology, and insulin-like growth factorsExtrahepatic effects of ALD and the role of alcohol in potentiating liver damage due to other etiologiesInteraction of alcohol with viral hepatitisEpidemiology, diagnosis, and treatmentManagement strategies, including transplantationThe vast amount of knowledge and expertise gathered in this book make it an unparalleled resource.

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