The prominence of ethnonational identities and movements is of increasing interest and concern in today's world, but the nature and importance of these identities remain ill understood. Ethnonational Identities breaks significant new ground by exploring the complex and at times contradictory aspects of ethnonational identities and their attendant rights' claims. In particular, it attempts to chart a middle course between constructivist and materialist conceptions of ethnonationalism - highlighting both the fictive and situational aspects of these claims and their material components. The conceptual arguments outlined in Ethnonational Identities are innovative, intriguing and instructive. They are matched by a wide range of fascinating case studies - on the Quebecois, Roma, and Maori, on Hindu nationalism, Kashmiri nationalism, and Indian transnationalism in Britain, and on interethnic competition in the Caribbean and Malaysia.Ethnonational Identities should be read by all those with an interest or involvement in the fields of ethnicity, nationalism and identity politics.

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