The European Union and Enlargement is about the EU's 'power of attraction' - an exploration of the potential for EU impact on conflicts within Europe - and the implications for the EU to influence the 'order' beyond its borders. It investigates how the EU can influence conflicts through enlargement and the accession process, using conditionality and the 'carrot' and 'stick' approach for ensuring potential candidates fulfil strict conditions reflective of core European norms and values. The case study of Cyprus provides the empirical focus for the book, which combines a historical analysis for understanding the origins of the Cyprus issue and the involvement of the United Nations, with a contemporary investigation of the impact of the EU accession process on the key actors involved in resolving the dispute; the Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and Turkey. The book assesses the perception of the EU as 'one of the most successful models of conflict resolution the world has ever known.'

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