IN DEFIANCE OF DUTY To-morrow being Saturday afternoon, began Eveley, deftly slipping a dish of sweet pickles beyond the reach of the covetous fat fingers of little niece Nathalie, - to-morrow being Saturday afternoon - Doesn't to-morrow start at sunrise as usual? queried her brother-in-law curiously. As every laborer knows, said Eveley firmly, Saturday begins with the afternoon off. And I am a laborer. Therefore, to-morrow being Saturday-afternoon-off, and since I have trespassed on your hospitality for a period of two months, it behooves me to find me a home and settle down. Oh, Eveley, protested her sister in a soft troubled voice, don't be disagreeable. You talk as if we were strangers. Aren't we the only folks you have? And aren't you my own and only baby sister? If you can't live with us, where can you live? As it says in the Bible, explained Eveley, truthfully if unscripturally, no two families are small enough for one house. But who calls you a family? interrupted the brother-in-law

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