Book DescriptionMama sold her 10-year-old car for $30,000 to a man who would drive it to California and sell it for $1,000,000?which he would split with her. While waiting on her windfall, she went on a spending spree that left dents and scratches in her credit cards and plowed furrows on my brow. Mama, as it turned out, was tangled up in the web of Alzheimer?s disease; reason could not reach her. Like Mama, caregivers and patients alike are caught in a tangle of neurons and dying brain cells that tie knots in every aspect of daily life. Lost items can consume hours, sometimes daily, in futile searching. Like the lost brain cells, they may be gone forever. Emotions range over behavior that is bizarre, funny, and so sad it will make you weep. Four million Americans currently have Alzheimer?s disease. These are just a few of their stories.

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