Discover the welcoming and extravagant love of the Father of all fathers! In John 14.8 Jesus makes this breath-taking claim: "He who has seen me has seen the Father." Every word he uttered, every action he performed, is a window onto the father heart of God. Mark Stibbe takes this profound truth as the starting point for Every Day with the Father. He leads us right through John's beautiful Gospel, asking, "What does this verse tell us about the Father? What does this teach us about being a son or a daughter of God?" In a readable, inspiring and popular style, Mark helps us to go deeper in our affectionate relationship with Abba Father and enables us to cultivate a life modeled after Jesus - a life lived as a loving child of the living God. Every Day with the Father is a collection of devotional readings intended to illumine our minds and captivate our hearts with a fresh view of the eternal landscape of the Father's love. If ever there was a book destined to galvanize us into worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth, this is it! Dr Mark Stibbe is the founder and leader of the Father's House Trust and a widely-respected authority on John's Gospel. In Every Day with the Father his love for the fourth Gospel and his passion for the father heart of God converge in a striking, ground-breaking way. Mark is also author of The 100 Verse Bible and I Am Your Father.

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