Your baby cries hysterically and you can't figure out what's wrong. You provide all the usual solutions and still nothing works. If only she could talk . . . or sign! Not being able to understand what your baby wants can be frustrating for both of you. But sign language enables you to communicate effectively, long before she can talk. Not only does this make life easier for you, it makes life easier for baby, too. You and your baby will have fun learning signs for: Mommy, daddy, sister, and brother (family members); Happy, sad, hugs, and kisses (feelings and affection); Milk, juice, apple, and cereal (food and drink); Dog, cat, horse, and cow (favorite animals); Hot, cold, more, please, and thank you (everyday concerns). Unlike most other books, The Everything Baby Sign Language Book with DVD teaches you and your child to use a combination of American Sign Language and homemade gestures to effectively convey needs, wants, and feelings. With this book, you and your baby will be well on the way to speaking-without words! The e-book version of this title does not include a DVD.

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