Is my daughter telling me the truth about where she was last night?How can I show my boss that I am ready for a promotion?I think that girl likes me, but I'm not sure.Crossed arms. Eye contact. Fidgeting. These are all the body's subtle ways of speaking, and they can tell you more than you think. With over half of human communication coming from movement, you need a comprehensive guide to reading and understanding body language. This updated edition features an expanded section on discovering deception and foolproof ways to spot a liar. With this guide, you'll learn valuable nonverbal nuances, including how to:Project professional body language at workDetect a liar at home, school, or in a relationship Tell if your date is into you--or planning to leave youRecognize and control hostile body language you may projectDecipher digital and online body languageFrom dating to job interviews to finding out if your kid really did eat his veggies, this is the ultimate guide to master the art of nonverbal communication!

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