Meditation is good for your soul--and your body. Studies show that those who meditate sleep better, have lower anxiety, and reduce the likelihood of disease. When you meditate, you'll fight off everything from migraines and insomnia to high blood pressure and obesity--but where do you start? With The Everything Guide to Meditation for Healthy Living, you can turn a quiet spot and a few minutes a day into significant health benefits. Meditation experts David B. Dillard-Wright and Ravinder Jerath gently guide you through the ins and outs of meditation, including: An overview of different cultural and religious approaches to meditation; Posture and breathing techniques; Creative visualization and imagery; Medical research on the various medical benefits of meditation; Advice on ways to fit meditation into a busy schedule. Complete with exercises and mantra suggestions, this is a complete introduction to the benefits of meditation. Whether you are looking for help with a specific ailment or ideas for a healthier lifestyle, this all-inclusive guide will help you relieve stress, resist disease, and feel great--one om at a time! The eBook version of this title does not contain a CD.

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