Don't know a tweet from a tweep? Wondering how to get a Second Life? Curious about creating a Facebook profile? Join the social media movement! With The Everything Guide to Social Media, you'll master the lingo, tools, and techniques you need to use all forms of social media. Written in friendly, nontechnical language by acclaimed reporter John K. Waters, this highly accessible handbook covers the full range of social media services, including:Messaging and communication (Blogger, Twitter)Communities and social groups (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster)Location-based social networking (Foursquare)News and tagging (Digg, StumbleUpon)Collaboration and cooperation (Wikipedia, Wikispaces)Photos and video sharing (Flickr, YouTube)Opinion and reviews (Yelp, Epinions)With this guide, you'll become comfortable with social media-and learn how to expand your presence online. With a special section on leveraging the power of social networks to build or grow a business, this up-to-the-minute guide is everything you need to walk the talk online-one wiki at a time!

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