Is there life after death? Are euthanasia, suicide, or stem-cell research ethical acts? Does the use of performance enhancers in sports constitute cheating? These are the types of philosophical questions people face today. Philosophy is not a dead set of doctrines-it's a living body of knowledge that you can use to guide behavior and problem-solving. In a lively, easy-to-follow approach, The Everything Guide to Understanding Philosophy introduces you to the major thinkers and the problems they've pondered during the past 2,600 years. In plain English, author Kenneth Shouler, Ph.D., explains all of the great philosophies-and provides contemporary examples to put them in perspective. He delves into the minds of such philosophers as: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; Augustine and Aquinas; Spinoza and Descartes; Locke and Hume; Mill and Nietzsche; Russell and Sartre. If you're ready to broaden your outlook on life, this is the book for you. Endlessly fascinating-and always clear and concise-it's the perfect introduction for budding philosophers.

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